Theses List
No. Theses Titles Level Student Name Present Date
1    VOIP Proxy Overload Mitigation            0000-00-00
2    Reconstructing the events by using file system Forensics            0000-00-00
3    Traffic Engineering in SDN+NFV Voip Networks            0000-00-00
4    Virtual Machine Orchestration with Power and Resource Constraints in SDN Networks            0000-00-00
5    Wormhole Attack Prevention Algorithm in Cluster Base Protocols    M.Sc.    Heidari, Masouma    2013-05-26
6    Incentive mechanism for cooperative data replication in MANETs using game theoretic approach    M.Sc.    Tajalli, Alireza    2013-12-22
7    Scheduling in Hybrid cloud with maintaining data privacy    M.Sc.    Abrishami, Hamid Reza    2014-07-20
8    Traffic-Aware Virtual Sensor Placement And Migration In Sensor-Cloud Networks    M.Sc.    farazestanian, farahnaz    2014-09-14
9    virtual sensor management in sensor-cloud networks    M.Sc.    alizadeh, atefeh    2014-10-22
10    Distributed Scheduling of Reconfiguration Task in Hierarchical Wireless Sensor Networks    Ph.D    Neamatollahi, Peyman    2015-01-23
11    presenting a call admission control system based on voice quality parameter and blocking rate    M.Sc.    mansoori boroujeni, hooman    2015-05-10
12    SIP normal traffic modeling with Finite State Machine for anomaly detection in VoIP    M.Sc.    hossein pour moghaddam, mahsa    2015-05-12
13    optimal placement of aggregators in AMI system of smart grid    M.Sc.    tavasoli, mahsa    2015-05-31
14    A Bot Detection system For Massively Multiplayer Online Games Based on Players Movement Patterns    M.Sc.    darroodi, reza    2015-06-28
15    Qos Routing in Smart Grid with SDN Infrastructure    Ph.D    Rezaee, Mohammad    2015-09-07
16    Energy efficient spectroscopy cooperative algorithm based on priority in cognitive radio networks    M.Sc.    sadeghi, hamed    2015-09-13
17    Virtual sensor management for cost reduction and increase efficiency in sensor-cloud Infrastructure    Ph.D    Banaie Heravan, Fatemeh    2015-09-16
18    Bandwidth Optimization in VOIP Connections    M.Sc.    rafiey, hossein    2015-09-19
19    Improving Computer Networks Security Risk Assessment using Bayesian Attack Graph    M.Sc.    Asghari, Elham    2015-09-23
20    A Framework for Organizational Adoption Factors of the Enterprise Social Networks    M.Sc.    Naji, Arezoo    2015-12-29
21    Rich Internet Application Crawling Improvement Using Risk Model    M.Sc.    JafarnezhadGhomi, Mohammad    2016-01-20
22    VoIP QoS Provisioning in Wireless Networks using Call Admission Control    M.Sc.    Alabbas, Gesoon    2016-03-07
23    Design the AMI services based on Software Defined Networking    M.Sc.    SeyedAbadi, Ali    2016-04-16
24    A MultiHop Energy-efficient Thermal-aware Routing protocol    M.Sc.    saadat, tahereh    2016-09-14
25    Android Malware Detection Based on Refinement of Static Features    M.Sc.    NezhadKamali, Maryam    2016-09-18
26    Design the OpenADR Based Demand Response Architecture with AMI Integration Capabilities in Cloud Computing    M.Sc.    safarzadeh, lida    2016-09-19
27    Cloud-based architecture design for smart grid services    M.Sc.    ModirKhorasani, MohammadSadegh    2016-09-19
28    Bandwidth Optimization in Multicast Video Streaming over SDN    M.Sc.    EBRAHIM POUR, MOHAMMAD    2016-09-19
29    Appropriate replica allocation with an incentive mechanism for cooperative data replication in MANETs-A Game Theoretica and Credit based Approach.    M.Sc.    sedigh, navid    2016-09-19
30    Prediction of dumb node data in sensor cloud network    M.Sc.    seyedmousavi, seyedehfatemeh    2016-09-19
31    Cluster based routing by using Moth-flame optimization algorithm    M.Sc.    ALSUHAIB, AHMED    2017-02-01
32    Reducing Convergence time and Preserving Privacy for cloud-based Demand Response using Network Coding    M.Sc.    Sharifi, Esmaeil    2017-03-14
33    Content selection and cache placement based on users distribution on 5G mobile network    M.Sc.    ahangary, saideh    2017-03-14
34    developing an optimal method for efficient deployment nodes to network using the algorithm metaphorical competition and Fuzzy Logic    M.Sc.    Al_mohammed, Sajjad    2017-04-22
35    Providing an efficient algorithm to solve barrier coverage of wireless sensor network using Fuzzy Logic    M.Sc.    Nayyef, Muntadher talib    2017-04-22
36    Design and Implementation of a novel Recruitment and Incentive Allocation Framework in Multi Task-Requester Participatory Sensing System    M.Sc.    davari, milad    2017-05-10
39    DNS Tunneling Detection Method Based On Multi-Label Support Vector Machine    M.Sc.    AL MUSAWI, AHMED HASHIM MURTADHA    2017-05-10
40    Optimization and Reliability in Routing of Mobile Wireless Networks Using Sine Cosine Algorithm    M.Sc.    Ahily, Hydar Jabar Sabat    2017-05-10
41    Centralized Data Congestion Control Strategy for Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks Using optimization approach    M.Sc.    Aljaber, Abbas Mohammed Luaibi    2017-05-11
42    A Sleep-scheduling Mechanism Using Grey Wolf Optimization Algorithm in Wireless Sensor Networks    M.Sc.    ALSANGOOR, WIDAD KHALAF DHRAIS    2017-05-27
43    WOA (Whale Optimization Algorithm) – Based Multipath Routing in Wireless Sensor Network    M.Sc.    Abdullah, Yaarob    2017-05-27
44    Optimal node placement (Access Points) in wireless mesh networks by using Genetic and Simulated Annealing Algorithms    M.Sc.    chaloob, heydar    2017-05-27
45    Fault Tolerance Improvement of the AFDX Communication Protocol for Critical Packet Loss    M.Sc.    masoodi pour, fatemeh    2017-06-07
46    cell switch off approach based on time and location distribution in 5G cellular network    M.Sc.    behdani, somayeh    2017-06-11
47    SMS Security by Elliptic Curve and Chaotic Encryption Algorithms    M.Sc.    THAJEEL, ABBAS MONES FARAJ    2017-06-18
48    a heuristic algorithm for Computation Offloading for Workflows in Mobile Devices    M.Sc.    shadi, mahsa    2017-07-08
49    To Improve Open-Flow protocol in software-based networks using fuzzy logic    M.Sc.    Al - AAsam, Hussein Aqeel Hussein    2017-07-29
50    To Optimize The Node Placement In Wireless Mesh Networks By Using Algorithm PSO    M.Sc.    Alasady, Osamah talib    2017-07-29
51    Surveillance Traffic Efficient Collecting for Wireless Mesh Software Defined Networks    M.Sc.    Biabani, Nemat Allah    2017-09-20
52    Enhance security in cloud using efficient ciphertext-policy attribute based encryption    M.Sc.    Al - Juaifari, Zahraa Muneer Ahmed    2017-09-24
53    A Cooperation of Fog Computing and Smart Gateways in a Secure and Efficient Architecture for IoT-Based Smart Homes    M.Sc.    AL SHAMMARI, SAHAR    2017-09-24
54    Efficient Routing algorithm for WSN    M.Sc.    FURAJY, DOUA    2017-09-30
55    Energy efficient clustering using PSO in sensor networks    M.Sc.    alhamadani, firas riyadh murad    2017-10-31
56    Multicast Routing with Minimum Cost for SDN based Vehicular Networks    Ph.D    Kadhim, Ahmed    2017-10-31
57    An Energy Efficient Data Gathering Framework using Multiple UAV in Deadline based WSN Applications    Ph.D    Albu-Salih, ََAlaa    2017-11-29
58    Design and Implementation of a Privacy-aware Framework for Cloud based Demand Response in Smart Grid    M.Sc.    kamalgharibi, hadiseh    2018-05-19